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SEND advice and training

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) services can give you:

  • advice
  • guidance
  • training

This will help you to provide quality support for all children. To see the range of services available, visit Essex Schools Infolink.

SEND training

In Essex, every early years setting, school and college has a:

  • link inclusion partner (IP)
  • link educational psychologist (EP)

They can provide you with advice, guidance and support on issues relating to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Before you look at the training pages, you should discuss your training needs with your IP and / or EP. They can help you identify the right training for you. Find out who they are from the cluster list for your area on Essex Schools Infolink

You may have already done this or would prefer to explore the training offer yourself. If so, you can select the type of early years training you're interested in from the categories below:

Introduction to supporting children with physical and neurological impairment (PNI)

This short 12-minute training video is suitable for preschool and nursery SENCos and inclusion managers. It gives an overview of PNI, the impact it has on children’s development and where to get extra help.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Watch the video through to the end
  2. Download the PNI post course task document and complete
  3. Email the completed PNI post course task document to
  4. When we receive your post course task we will send you a certificate of participation. The post course task will help us identify future training needs and make possible improvements to the course