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Autism Central peer education programme

14 December 2023
Adults seated having discussion

The Autism Central Peer Education Programme is a peer-to-peer support programme for parents/carers and Personal Assistants of autistic children and people.  This is an all age, free service and children do not need to have a diagnosis to access the service.  

The Autism Central website has a constantly growing range of resources and guidance for parents/carers/personal assistants. 

The website also has information about weekly online group sessions for parents/carers and Personal Assistants.  Some are drop-in sessions where parents/carers can talk about anything relating to autism and others are themed sessions.  The group sessions can be booked directly from the website.   

Parents/carers/personal assistants can request a 1:1 telephone or Teams call on the website if they would like to talk through any concerns or questions in more depth.   

All of our Peer Educators have lived experience of autism, mostly with autistic children of their own, of a range of ages.  They undergo training in order to be able to support other parents/carers. 

Upcoming online groups: 


Tuesday 19th December 2023

11 - 12:30pm

Holiday Survival

Friday 22nd December 2023

1 - 2:30pm

Back to School

Friday 5th January 2024


Drop in

Tuesday 9th January 2024



Thursday 18th January 2024


Drop in

Tuesday 23rd January 2024



Tuesday 30th January 2024


PAs and Parents