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Kindness In The Community

20 July 2022
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As our sponsored event this year we held a kindness in the community week. We have held weeks like this in the past and due to the positivity of the event we have regularly carried out acts of kindness though out the past few years up to Covid. 

During the week, we brought and planted pansies with a note on the plant pots saying "Being kind from Stanway Preschool.  We took the children out in small groups and we delivered the flowers to our neighbours surrounding the preschool.  On one outing an elderly lady crossed the busy road to come over to personally thank us for the flowers she had received the day before, telling the children how kind they were and how their act of kindness had brightened her day and had made her very happy.  We also received thank you cards and a face book post thanking us for our kindness and how happy it had made the recipients.

We asked parents and staff to donate food for the local food bank and again went out in small groups to deliver the food to the local Co-Op food bank donation basket. We also delivered some of our flowers to the staff at the co-op.

We also went out on litter picks around the area around our preschool.

As a whole group we walked to Stanway Green Lodge Care home and visited the residents in their garden.  We also took flowers for them to plant in their garden and whilst we were there, we sang songs to the residents. Many of the residents joined in with the singing and seemed so happy to see us.  Following our visit the manager of the care home rang to thank us for our visit. He said the residents had not stopped talking about the visit and would we come back soon. He also wanted to thank the children and delivered some sweet treats to a member of staff to hand out to the children. 

We will be arranging regular visits now that we are able to do it safely again.  

Jo Gallant, Preschool Manager

Stanway Pre-School