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Oral Health Care

20 May 2022
Young boy brushing teeth

Oral Health Care


To promote oral health and hygiene in my setting and follow the EYFS curriculum, I contacted my local dental practice to deliver a talk and activities on oral health care to my early year’s children. Beth, a dentist and Hannah who is a hygienist, had various props to keep the children engaged. Firstly, Hannah showed the children how to brush their teeth properly by using a toy dinosaur- the children were then invited to brush the dinosaur’s teeth. Next, Beth showed pictures of healthy and unhealthy food and asked them to put their thumbs up or down according to what food they thought was good for their teeth and what was bad. After, she explained having too much sugary food and drink can cause acid attacks to occur on their teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. She also explained how all snacks eaten between meals should be healthy and low in sugar/ sugar free if possible, and to drink only water or milk between meals. She asked the children if they have been to the dentist and some put their hands up. She then asked the children if they spit or rinse their toothpaste out after brushing their teeth. One child said ‘spit’ and she explained about fluoride and why we shouldn’t rinse as it washes all the fluoride away, which our teeth need.


Before the 30-minute session ended, Hannah read a Peppa pig story called ‘Going To The Dentist’. The children listened with interest and were thoroughly engaged in the story. The children received a reward chart and a tooth brushing kit to use at home.


The parents also enjoyed seeing the WhatsApp photos and at collection time they asked their child about it. Beth asked me if the parents needed any support or advise on dental care and, if so, I could pass on her details.


On reflection this session was a huge success and I will definitely repeat this yearly. Beth and Hannah were more than happy to come back and see us again!