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Seeking medical help for sick children during the COVID-19 crisis

16 April 2020
Teddy bear with a bandaged leg and head

Since the COVID-19 crisis struck there has been a marked reduction in children attending A&E – a sign parents may be delaying seeking medical help for their children. Much of this is due to the misunderstanding that all NHS services are focusing on COVID and normal services are not operating. Self-isolation, social distancing, the fear of infection in hospital, are also things which may cause a delay in seeking help for a sick child. However, these delays could cause children to become more poorly than they should do.

It is important to emphasise to parents what they need to do should their child become unwell.

  • This poster with advice for parents when a child is unwell / injured has been approved by NHS England for dissemination to support parents and carers of when to seek help and advice and which service they should contact.
  • This video produced locally by two clinicians (and approved by NHSE/I) informs parents of the services available and when to seek help.

Both the poster and video are just a number of resources available on the ESCB’s COVID-19 webpages. As well as general information about the pandemic, there are specific resources for families including emotional wellbeing and home-schooling links and a summary of changes to children and families support services in Essex.