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Ordinarily Available - early years

All education settings are asked to use the OA frameworks from September 2023 as part of their inclusion work so that they can give an informed response in July 2024 to the question: "Does the OA set the correct ambition? What do we agree should be "normally" or "ordinarily" available in Essex settings?"

View the Ordinarily Available targeted support framework.


Request support or provide feedback

We want to better understand the support that settings need to confidently implement the OA - as a county wide picture.

If settings are looking for support, guidance or training, or have a useful resource that has helped them to to implement an element of the OA, complete the consultation form.

Submissions will be reviewed each month and wherever possible the OA Team will signpost to resources that exist; for example, training, a webinar or support that is available from a team or service.

Where there is a gap, the responses will help us to prioritise what additional support should be sourced or developed.









Any feedback that you would like to share can be sent to