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Integrated reviews

The integrated review brings together the Healthy Child Programme review and the Early Years Foundation Stage Two-Year-Old Progress Check. It draws upon the content of both reviews and is most effective when health, early years and parents work in close partnership with each other, respecting each other's differing professional skills, experiences and perspectives. A key principle should be one of a shared decision-making between early years, health and parent. Any other professional who may be working with the child and family (for example family hubs) should also be involved and contribute to the integrated review.

The integrated review at age two is a valuable opportunity for health practitioners, early years practitioners and parents to reflect on how a child is developing and what might be needed to support their development as they reach school age and beyond.

Parents have a fundamental role to play in the integrated review and a starting point for the review should be an acknowledgement that parents know their child best.

The integrated review should engage the child and the child should be a the centre of the review. They should enjoy the experience, interact and participate, helping to show what they can do alongside information given by parents and the ongoing observations of their early years key person and health professional.

Parents' views

We really value parents' opinions and are interested to hear their views on the integrated review. We would urge all of our settings to share the parent feedback form with their parents and ask them to complete it.

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