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Who can access our training and prices

Who can access our training

Read the information below to see if you or your setting / organisation is eligible to take our courses.

Please check the details on the online booking system (or booking form) for course fees as individual courses and events vary.

Before you book on a course, read the terms and conditions on the booking form or booking system. We can't refund course fees.

Early years and childcare providers in Essex

  • Ofsted registered private, voluntary and independent providers
  • nursery classes in maintained, private and independent schools and academy schools
  • Essex County Council maintained nursery schools
  • Essex family hubs
  • prospective providers

Essex schools and academies

  • Reception class early years foundation stage to Key Stage 4 in maintained, private, independent schools and academy schools
  • alternative providers
  • higher education establishments

Charitable organisations in Essex

Charitable organisations working with children and young people aged 0 to 25.

Other establishments

  • Essex professionals, organisations and businesses
  • providers outside Essex including Southend and Thurrock

If you have any enquiries, email