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Continuous provision

The two paragraphs below are an extract from an article by Kelly dated 7 September 2015 entitled 'What is early years continuous provision?' on the Early Years Careers website. It would be worth reading the full article as it explains what practitioners need to know about continuous provision, why continuous provision is important, the aim of the adult's role and observing children.

"It is important for practitioner to fully understand what continuous provision is and how the principles of this will help support children’s development. The quality of each area of continuous provision should be continuously assessed both indoors and outdoors to ensure children are getting the maximum benefits from all areas.

The purpose of an effective continuous provision is to offer children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. It should allow children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices. An important part of the EYFS is to support children in becoming active learners; continuous provision allows children to demonstrate this aspect and practitioners can closely observe this during their play.  Continuous provision supports children’s learning and development across all seven areas and ... the characteristics of effective learning."

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